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Does PSI Seminars break up marriages?

Attending and advanced PSI Seminar is, in many cases, a life-changing event. Any time one spouse goes through a significant life change which the other doesn’t go through, or doesn’t support, or doesn’t understand, it’s bound to create tension in the relationship. In some of those cases, that has lead to relationships breaking up. In many other cases, though, attending a PSI Seminar has improved relationships, even with spouses who didn’t attend. And that’s not even counting all the single people who have met their future life partners at a PSI Seminar.

One thing that we do tell people is that they have a right to be happy, and part of that is that they are entitled to be with the right person as a life partner — one who is supportive, who makes them happy, who helps them live life to the fullest. Many people who seek out PSI do so because they aren’t feeling happy or completely fulfilled in their lives, and in some cases, a dysfunctional relationship is one of the major contributing factors.

We don’t believe in splitting up relationships — far from it!  In fact, our seminars teach numerous techniques for more effective, loving relationships, and many of our students report happier, more intimate relationships with their spouses after attending. That said, we don’t believe that every broken relationship can — or should — be fixed (or at least not continued in dysfunction). Some people do just finally come to the realization that they are with the wrong person, and that they’re entitled to find and be with the right person.

Marriages don’t break up because of PSI Seminars. It may be the trigger event sometimes, but so can leaving the toilet seat up or forgetting an anniversary. If you see people online talking about how their spouse left them or became a different person after attending a PSI event, read closely. What can you tell about the person writing? What do you know about them? Was it really a right match to begin with? Was that person really supporting their spouse in their personal growth? Keep in mind that you don’t know the context, and you’re only hearing one side of the story.

NOTE: There is a post circulating on the internet that falsely connects PSI Seminars to an Australian National University marriage study. It mixes the facts of the study with claims about PSI Seminars fabricated by the poster. In fact, the study makes no mention whatsoever of PSI Seminars. You can read the Reuters story on which the post was based or the full research paper, What’s Love Got to Do With It?, which is actually a very interesting and informative read, if a bit heavily academic.

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