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Why can’t people bring their own cars to classes at High Valley Ranch?

It depends on the class. For some courses they can, space allowing. When they do, we ask that people keep their coming and going to a minimum during the advanced courses at the ranch, just to minimize disruptions and distractions. But the gate is open, there are no guards, and people are free to come and go.

For other classes, the class really starts as everybody meets at the airport. We have a packet of materials that people work on during the bus ride. It’s really just a matter of making the most of people’s time. Why have people waste it driving when they could already be meeting, interacting and learning?

Also, during our annual conference, Principia, we have far more attendees than we can accommodate at the ranch, so people do stay in the nearby towns and there are many social activities off the ranch itself. And about half of the attendees do bring their own cars.

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