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Does PSI Seminars take advantage of vulnerable people & encourage them to spend money they can’t afford?

Absolutely not. The last thing we would ever want is for someone to spend their entire life savings on PSI Seminars. We’ve heard a story or two of this, and it’s very unfortunate.

That said, we don’t ask people for their financial statements and we don’t run credit checks. If your credit card runs through, that’s the end of it — just like any other business. We’re dealing with mature, responsible adults here. We expect people to be able to make their own decision as to whether this is something they can truly afford or not.

We’ve also heard stories of people purchasing a course without telling their spouse. Whether or not this is a problem is really on a case-by-case basis. If each spouse makes their own money, and that money is within that spouse’s “discretionary spending”, then what’s the problem? On the other hand, if the spouse is dipping into shared money for something for themselves, then of course it’s a problem (actually, if they’re spending money without telling their spouse, they’re probably doing it on other things as well, and it’s a much bigger problem). This is, of course, one of the reasons we highly encourage couples to take the courses together.

That said, we do see PSI Seminars as an investment. Many of our attendees experience increased financial success as a result of the changes they make in their lives. Others see increased happiness and satisfaction that it’s impossible to put a price tag on.

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