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Does PSI Seminars employee illegal immigrants at High Valley Ranch?

No, absolutely not. This is a purely unfounded accusation. We have always followed the guidelines on the Form I-9, Employment Eligibility Verification Form. We currently have on housekeeping and ranch staff a number of Spanish-speaking individuals, many who have been with us for many years. They all have the necessary documentation on file, and we […]

What are PSI Seminars founder Jane Willhite’s political affiliations? Am I supporting them?

Jane Willhite has personally been an open supporter of both Republican and Democratic candidates. PSI Seminar attendees represent a diverse cross-section of society, including political views, and neither PSI Seminars nor PSI World actively support or endorse any political party or candidate. Money spent on PSI Seminars isn’t supporting any particular political agenda, any more […]

Was PSI Seminars founder Jane Willhite investigated by the FBI and/or President Clinton’s office?

Jane Willhite was one of several hundred people whose files were part of the White House FBI files controversy known as Filegate. To make a long story short, the White House asked for information on people for a wide variety of reasons: political supporters, political opponents, etc. (Jane Willhite had attended a Clinton fundraising dinner). […]

Was the 2009 fire at High Valley Ranch arson?

Absolutely not, and any implication to that effect is simply speculation or malicious defamation. The fire destroyed buildings that both staffers and students were very fond of and nostalgic about. Those buildings had to be replaced to continue to provide housing for students.

Furthermore, of course there was an arson investigation — there always is […]

Is PSI World just a tax shelter?

No. PSI World is a 501(c)(3) charitable organization with a mission of “World Peace One Mind at a Time”. It is funded entirely by donations, including some from PSI Seminars. PSI World contributes directly to several charities, including American Cancer Society, Youth at Risk, and more. 

PSI World has organized hundreds of volunteer projects […]

Why can’t people bring their own cars to classes at High Valley Ranch?

It depends on the class. For some courses they can, space allowing. When they do, we ask that people keep their coming and going to a minimum during the advanced courses at the ranch, just to minimize disruptions and distractions. But the gate is open, there are no guards, and people are free to come […]

Does PSI Seminars break up marriages?

Attending and advanced PSI Seminar is, in many cases, a life-changing event. Any time one spouse goes through a significant life change which the other doesn’t go through, or doesn’t support, or doesn’t understand, it’s bound to create tension in the relationship. In some of those cases, that has lead to relationships breaking up. […]

Does PSI Seminars take advantage of vulnerable people & encourage them to spend money they can’t afford?

Absolutely not. The last thing we would ever want is for someone to spend their entire life savings on PSI Seminars. We’ve heard a story or two of this, and it’s very unfortunate.

That said, we don’t ask people for their financial statements and we don’t run credit checks. If your credit card runs through, […]

Does PSI Seminars use coercive marketing tactics?

Every business knows the value and importance of word-of-mouth marketing — we just do it way better than most companies do. We’re very organized about it because it’s our primary marketing strategy. In fact, it was originally designed this way so that the company would fade away if people stopped getting value from it. That […]

Is PSI Seminars dangerous?

Physically — absolutely not. Every precaution is taken in our ropes and other physical challenges, and everyone is completely focused on the safety of our participants. In fact, the most common injury here at the ranch is someone twisting their ankle walking across the cow pasture when they’re not paying close attention to what they’re […]