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Can’t I just learn all this in a book or a few videos?

You can learn to dance from a book, in theory, but who would want to be your dance partner?

The concepts taught at PSI Seminars can be found in a book, or a video, or a formal sit-down lecture. Millions of people have gotten this information from those sources but never internalized it, never mastered it, never consistently applied it in their lives.

We believe in experiential learning.  Every concept taught in the lecture portion of a course has an associated exercise to demonstrate and apply the concept. There’s also always an emotional component, because we know that associating a learning with a powerful emotion helps imprint it into the subconscious, so that you can start applying it naturally within your daily life.

“Knowing” something because you’ve read about it is completely different than “knowing” something because you’ve had experienced help putting it into action and creating an associated emotional imprint to help it “stick”.

So yes, go read a book or two, watch a few videos, attend a lecture — if that works for you, great!  If you find, though, that you’re having a challenge consistently applying the lessons you’ve learned in your daily life, turning theory into action, then give us a call.

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