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Does PSI Seminars break up marriages?

Attending and advanced PSI Seminar is, in many cases, a life-changing event. Any time one spouse goes through a significant life change which the other doesn’t go through, or doesn’t support, or doesn’t understand, it’s bound to create tension in the relationship. In some of those cases, that has lead to relationships breaking up. […]

Does PSI Seminars take advantage of vulnerable people & encourage them to spend money they can’t afford?

Absolutely not. The last thing we would ever want is for someone to spend their entire life savings on PSI Seminars. We’ve heard a story or two of this, and it’s very unfortunate.

That said, we don’t ask people for their financial statements and we don’t run credit checks. If your credit card runs through, […]

Does PSI Seminars use coercive marketing tactics?

Every business knows the value and importance of word-of-mouth marketing — we just do it way better than most companies do. We’re very organized about it because it’s our primary marketing strategy. In fact, it was originally designed this way so that the company would fade away if people stopped getting value from it. That […]

Is PSI Seminars dangerous?

Physically — absolutely not. Every precaution is taken in our ropes and other physical challenges, and everyone is completely focused on the safety of our participants. In fact, the most common injury here at the ranch is someone twisting their ankle walking across the cow pasture when they’re not paying close attention to what they’re […]

Why is PSI Seminars so secretive about what happens in the courses?

Do you like knowing the ending of a book or a movie beforehand? Kind of spoils it, doesn’t it?

We don’t want to bias people’s expectations about a particular exercise or event. It’s nothing we’re trying to hide from anyone, no major trade secret — we’ve just found that people have a much better experience […]

Can’t I just learn all this in a book or a few videos?

You can learn to dance from a book, in theory, but who would want to be your dance partner?

The concepts taught at PSI Seminars can be found in a book, or a video, or a formal sit-down lecture. Millions of people have gotten this information from those sources but never internalized it, never mastered […]

Is PSI Seminars just all about the money?

PSI is a for-profit business, and a fairly successful one. We’ve succeeded by offering an excellent service at a fair price. 

Taking every course PSI Seminars offers (including one annual convention) at full price is a little over $16,000. Taking advantage of the various discounts offered, it can be as little as just over $11,000. […]

Is PSI Seminars a scam?

No. We believe in what we do and we offer an exceptional service at a fair price. We have over 500,000 satisfied graduates and a proven track record since 1973. We are accredited by the Better Business Bureau and our headquarters has an A+ rating with the BBB, as do most of our local offices.


Is PSI Seminars a cult?

Easy answer: no, not in the sense that most people think of a cult. There’s not even an organization to “join”. We conduct educational and service events, period.

But perhaps “yes”, in the same sense Trekkies, sports fans, Eagle Scouts, etc., are. We bring people together for a common purpose: greater success, effectiveness and happiness. […]

Is PSI Seminars a religion? Is it compatible with my religious beliefs?

As PSI Seminars founder Thomas D. Willhite wrote in Living Synergistically:

PSI is not a religion; therefore, it cannot be in conflict with any religious beliefs. PSI is a vehicle, which can be used by each individual to get from where they are to where they want to be…to create peace of mind, liberty, love, […]